About Us

“Find Your Tribe and Love them Hard.”

During 2020 when the world was separated from the pandemic, a friendship was established among three women with unique backgrounds.  Over the years, that bond transformed into our “tribe” where we make each other smile brighter, laugh louder, and live better (hence where "Tribe + Co" came from). Among the three of us, we have 9 boys. Therefore, we love to express our inner girliness any chance we get. Megan Lillie, Sovatha Plummer, and Tricia Anderson share similar interests; but come from a diverse occupational background from elementary school teachers, small business owners, to corporate America.  Together we have one goal – to embrace women and help them show the world their true beauty. Thank you for supporting Tribe + Co, as we know there are many amazing boutiques out there. By doing so, you are supporting our families and our dreams.

Meet the owner

Hey. I'm Sovatha

I am a mom of 3 boys. You can say I am the queen of the house. I have been in the boutique business for 7 years. When I am not being the football, soccer, tennis mom; I am shopping for the best brands for women to wear. My style is all things girly. I loves dresses, bright colors, ruffles and bows. If given the choice to wear a neutral or color, I'll pick a color each time. If that sounds like you, you will love my picks for Tribe + Co.

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meet the owner

Hey. I'm Megan

I am a creative and influential kindergarten teacher and am the spark of the group. I do not let a house full of 4 boys take away from my fun, cute, southern fashion sense.

My inspiration comes from my love of teaching and country music, Miranda Lambert meets Mrs Frizzle.

Whether I am enjoying a fun date night with my husband, catching up with my girls over a glass of wine at the vineyards or planning the next adventure, you can always find a laugh and a smile coming from my face.

I know that Jesus has been with me through all of life’s trials, so I am excited for the journey ahead. I am eager to share with the world my style and influence, ready for you to join the Tribe.

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Hey. I'm Tricia

I am a lover of Jesus, a wife, and mom of two boys. You can usually find me volunteering at church, cheering loudly at my sons football game, or spending time at the barn with my son and horse Jack. I am very passionate about loving like Jesus and making people feel beautiful inside and out. My friends tend to call me their "godmother" and I certainly do not take that title lightly. Loving the Lord and trusting in Him and His timing is how this idea came to life. I do not believe in coincidences and together, we have prayed over the success and business plan we have put together. The boutique is a new adventure and I look forward to bringing my style of cozy and comfortable with a touch of added accessories to make a statement. I feel you can never truly have enough solid and comfortable pieces and even if working from home, you deserve to feel confident too! If this is you too, you’ll love my picks for Tribe and Co.

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Our Promise

It's pretty simple. We are focused on bringing fashion, positivity, and community to our customers. Dress beautifully and sustainably with Tribe + Co.