As a Mama-owned small business, we appreciate our customers and love making new connections. Join us on this journey.


β€œFind Your Tribe and Love them Hard.”

During 2020 when the world was separated from the pandemic, a friendship was established among three women with unique backgrounds.Β  Over the years, that bond transformed into our β€œtribe” where we make each other smile brighter, laugh louder, and live better (hence where "Tribe + Co" came from). Among the three of us, we have 9 boys. Therefore, we love to express our inner girliness any chance we get. Megan Lillie, Sovatha Plummer, and Tricia Anderson share similar interests; but come from a diverse occupational background from elementary school teachers, small business owners, to corporate America.Β  Together we have one goal – to embrace women and help them show the world their true beauty. Thank you for supporting Tribe + Co, as we know there are many amazing boutiques out there. By doing so, you are supporting our families and our dreams.

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    Experience the kindness and thoughtfulness of our Tribe + Collective. They always put their customers first. I have loved every piece of clothing & jewelry that I have bought!

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    You can find convenience and affordability with their clothing and jewelry. They make online shopping a breeze for busy mamas.